One of the Life time achievement in completely reconstructing Longest and oldest Painting from Ajanta.

M.R Pimpare greatest feat however was the reconstruction of the oldest painting of Ajanta (cave no.10). 2000 year old and longest panel (measuring 73ft X 4 ft). This is the worst damaged piece of art, but through sheer hard work, consistent research, imagination and visualization this painting was brought alive in all its original glory. A painting that bore the brunt of miscreants, literally concealed the panel with graffiti was given new life. It got accolades from LIMCA book of records and many eminent personalities.

The pictures of this panel clearly divulges the vast destruction of the painting. There are areas where there is total chaos, area where shadows of animals can be observed marred with graffiti and areas where faded figures can be seen.

Cave 10 is the oldest and biggest Ajanta stupas. The subject of the present painting is seen on right wall of the aisle. The various subject painted are the procession of the king, the Syama Jataka (the story of Shyama and his blind parents), Shaddanta Jataka (story of bodhisattva as an elephant), the figures of Buddha and a stupa. This painting includes architecture, designs, trees, lotus plants, flowers, furniture, ornaments, textiles,. There are 68 human figures, 53 animals and flora and fauna. Unfortunately due to Vandalism of visitor very little is visible.

Considering M.R Pimpare’ s impossible feat of bringing back to life a 90% damaged painting in all its microscopic details include the intricacies of the fine veins of a leaf is simple mind blowing. The expressions in the eye of the elephant, the wrinkles around the eyes The lotus flowers r seen in various angles either full blown, in bud form , half open or drooping. Pimpare has caught one of the most fascinating forest scene where a huge python has encircled a tree trunk to get strong grip to pull a baby elephants legs The other elephants are trumpeting loudly and making concerted efforts to save the baby elephant. The entire expression of the baby elephant the stricken faces of the other elderly elephants displays beautifully the perfection reached by the Ajanta artist 2000 years back.

Pimpare has captured all such details despite the blurred original painting. Pimpares deep sensibilities are made evident by his special skills and abilities to surpass the difficulties of these defaced and disfigured paintings.