Mr. Pimpare, who has retired as an artist from the history department of Dr. Babasahe Ambedkar Marathwada University, has been working on the paintings without any Government or Private fund.

Mr. Pimpare has done his part by providing 2000 year old monument in its inventive form, Now the only wish to get someone who become the Godfather for these painting and bring it in front of world the glory of Indian heritage can be through setting up a huge museum housing all his paintings which would serve below purposes.:

  1. Great Tourist attraction as well as great source of Revenue for Tourism due the largest foot fall of tourist around the world is in Ajanta caves, giving the feel and atmosphere to tourist.
  2. Researcher for their study
  3. In building new artists to carry on the legacy.
  4. Huge employment opportunity for local people.
  5. Libraries to study the crust of Ajanta by Ajanta school or Colleges or
  6. Buddhist Viharas and religious Centres.
  7. Art Promoters and history lovers too are welcome to arrange exhibitions of these paintings.
  8. Sale of Ajanta Painting or its décor in different style.
  9. Using virtual technology at caves and exhibitions to decode mutilated paintings and see its completed portion. Audio-visual walk through for visitors in understanding restoration/recreation work
  10. Series of 'painting manual video' where each painting Jataka is showcased in complete form and its minute details explained in detail.
  11. Tie-ups with countries like Japan, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka to showcase these creations at national festivals, art exhibitions, summits and cultural exchange programs.

He meets many Ministers and other leaders in the hope that someday the Government may sanction him land where he can give shape to his dream of constructing the museum.

Hope soon his dream come true!